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4301 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203

Phone: 703-907-5500


Board of Directors


Chris Christensen



Tony Anderson



Joe Martin

NRECA BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICER - Secretary-Treasurer - Colorado

Senior Leadership

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association is the national service organization that represents the nation’s more than 900 private, not-for-profit, consumer-owned electric cooperatives, which provide service to 42 million people in 48 states.

Personnel Directory


Last Name First Name Job Title Phone Email
view Adams Jana Executive Director, Touchstone Energy ® Cooperatives (703) 907-5171
view Ahrens Martin Senior Director, Health Management Systems, (703) 907-6231
view Anderson Tony NRECA BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICER - Vice President - Michigan
view Baxter Peter Senior Vice President, Insurance and Financial Services (703) 907-5743
view Bell Stephen Director, Media and PR (703) 907-5732f
view Bourge Bridgette Senior Principal, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-6386
view Branham Bud Director, Safety Programs (516) 670-3502
view Britton Krista Senior Director, Member Services (703) 907-6495
view Bruning Dan Senior Principal, Consulting (402) 266-1185
view Burton James Deputy General Counsel, Finance and Retirement Plan Legal Services (703) 907-5835
view Cano Henry Senior Principal, Consulting (602) 621-3905
view Cassady John Vice President, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-5839
view Christensen Chris NRECA BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICER - President - Montana
view Connor Jeffrey COO (703) 907-5820
view Cristiano Mary Ann Director, Marketing, Advertising and Digital Strategy (703) 907-5648
view Cromwell Ted Senior Director, Environmental Issues (703) 907-5790
view Desk Help (877) 766-3226
view Eiffert Patrina Senior Director, NRECA International (703) 907-5629
view Finkel Louis Senior Vice President, Government Relations (703) 907-5775
view Fuller Jodi Vice President, Benefits Product Development and Management (703) 907-6020
view Garver Renee Senior Manager, Marketing and Member Communications (703) 907-6215
view Gill John Senior Director of Web Content (703) 907-5718
view Goodwin Christina Director, Internal Audit (703) 907-6394
view Groseclose Jerry Retired
view Guitierrez Paul Senior Principal, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-5793
view Hamill Robert Senior Legislative Affairs Manager (703) 907-5809
view Harvey Anne Director, Member Relations and Communications (512) 815-4890
view Hoffman Scot Rural Electric Magazine Editor (703) 907-5756
view Holt Rob Policy Information and Research Advisor (703) 907-5709
view Hsu Ford Karen Senior Director, Retirement Plan Operations (402) 483-9272
view Hylton Angie Senior Certification Support Specialist (703) 907-5656
view Kaumaya Billie Legislative Affairs Director (703) 907-6460
view Laune Steve Director, Member Benefit Services (402) 483-9397
view Lawson Barry Associate Director, Power Delivery and Reliability (703) 907-5781
view Linde Jason Vice President, Political Affairs (703) 907-5829
view Lockhart Veneicia Senior Vice President, Finance, (703) 907-5960
view Mangan Pat Director, Cooperative Director Education (703) 907-5626
view Martin Joe Secretary-Treasurer
view Matheson Jim CEO (703) 907-5540
view Matthews Kristi Director, Business Development, (919) 673-2410
view Maus Mark Vice President, Actuarial Services and Chief Actuary (703) 907-5866
view McCurley Paul Chief Engineer (703) 907-5867
view McDonald Samantha Senior Legislative Advisor, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-5113
view McGurk Wayne Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer (703) 907-6302
view Meyer Richard Senior Vice President & General Counsel (703) 907-5811
view Miller Craig Chief Scientist
view Miller Craig Chief Scientist (703) 626-9683
view Morrison Jay Vice President, Regulatory Issues (703) 907-5825
view Napper Beth Director, Personal Investment and Retirement Counseling (703) 907-6088
view O’Neal Jessica Senior Director, Digital Strategy (703) 907-5712
view Paris Mary Pat Vice President, Administration, (703) 907-5887
view Parks Val Director, Educational Programs and Strategies (703) 907-5578
view Peterson Scott Senior Vice President, Communications (703) 907-5553
view Pfann Gary Director, Executive and Staff Education (608) 441-7211
view Rinn Michele Senior Vice President, Human Resources (703) 907-5999
view Roche Madelyn Strategic Analysis Information Rep. (703) 907-6147
view Rodriguez Vince Director, Member Meetings and Conferences (703) 907-5617
view Sanker Stephen Vice President, Financial and Field Services (703) 907-6095
view Santero Mark CEO Homestead Funds, Inc. (703) 907-6030
view Schmidt Monica Vice President, National Consulting Group (703) 907-6070
view Sieverling Danielle Vice President, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (703) 907-5993
view Snow Gabe Director, ACRE and GR Operations (703) 907-5799
view Spiers Jim Vice President, Business and Technology Strategies (703) 907-5624
view Steiner Tracey Senior Vice President, Education Training (703) 907-5847
view Stephen Christopher Senior Associate Director, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-6026
view Szczur John Vice President, Investment Strategy and Performance (703) 907-6033
view Thomas Hill Senior Principal, Legislative Affairs (703) 907-5547
view Thompson Ty Vice President and Deputy General Counsel – Director and Member Legal Services (703) 907-5855
view Tucker Russell Chief Economist (703) 907-5823
view Waddle Dan Senior Vice President, NRECA International (703) 907-5669
view Walsh James Director, Business Development (703) 907-5664
view Wasson Russ Senior Director, Tax, Finance and Accounting Policy (703) 907-5817
view Wetzel Holly Director, Marketing and Member Communications (703) 907-6042
view Wynn Montee Senior Principal, Legislative Affairs and Counsel (703) 907-5819
view Zimbelman Pam Executive Director, Lincoln Operations (402) 483-9218