Primary Address:
14198 Sussex Highway
Greenwood, DE 19950

Phone: 855-332-9090


Board of Directors


Patricia Dorey

Board Chair


Michael Brown

Vice Chair


Laura Phillips



Thomas Brown



Blaine Daisey



Hunter Emory



Bruce Henry



Charles Towles



Bruce Walton



William Wells


Senior Leadership


Gregory Starheim


DE Co-Op Stats_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy

Incorporated 1936
Regular Board Meeting Third Wednesday
Total Meters 107500
Res Meters 86812
% .0.8528539149
Members 93000
Idle meters 5710
Dues Meters 101790
CC Cumulative 71,186,179
CC 2019 8,273,913
Miles of Overhead Lines 3,046
Miles of Underground Lines 5,530
Total Miles of Line 8,576
Meter Per Mile 13.40
Member Per Mile 11.60
EMP 156
Reliability based on service interruptions by hours per year - Average System Availability Index
Power Supplier .13
Major Events 8.52
Planned 1.83
All Other 81.37
Total Hours 1.531
Total - Major Events 1.389
Hours Per Year 8760
ASAI 99.98
System Peak KW 422,080
Total Revenues 177,620,275
kWH Sold 1,466,913,712
No. of Meters in Each County Served As of Fall 2021
Kent 27,159
Sussex 81,669
Total 108,828

Personnel Directory


Last Name First Name Job Title Phone Email
view Andrew John
view Beamon Thomas Chief Financial Officer 302-270-6576
view Book Robert SR. V.P. Member Services 302-381-9241
view Brown Michael BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Vice Chair
view Brown Thomas BOARD OF DIRECTORS
view Daisey Blaine BOARD OF DIRECTORS
view Dorey Patricia BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Chair 3023810154
view Emory Hunter BOARD OF DIRECTORS
view Freese Lauren Exec. Administrative Assistant 855-332-9090
view Henry Bruce BOARD OF DIRECTORS 302-236-9310
view Phillips Laura BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Secretary - Treasurer 3022455505
view Shapley David V.P. of Eng., Strategy & Innovation
view Smart Dawn V.P. of Human Resources
view Spampinato Jesse V.P. of Operations & Maintenance
view Starheim Gregory President/CEO 302-381-4008
view Towles Charles BOARD OF DIRECTORS 302-632-0199
view Walton Bruce BOARD OF DIRECTORS 302-670-2915
view Wells William BOARD OF DIRECTORS